What to Expect on Your First Appointment at IMI

Our experienced team of professionals assist patients in achieving optimal levels of health and wellness by treating the mind and body together. Here is what to expect as a new patient to IMI.


Fill Out Paperwork

The paperwork is designed to aid our clients in mindfully reflecting upon their health circumstances and takes roughly 30-40 minutes to complete depending on the complexity of each person’s health. It is important that the paperwork is completed at the time of your first appointment, as it helps give Dr. Ruelas a comprehensive understanding of your health history, lifestyle, and symptoms.

Bring Copies of Lab/Insurance Card

Please bring a copy of any labs done within the previous year to your first appointment as well as your insurance card.



The New Patient Evaluation, or first visit, with Dr. Ruelas is an extended comprehensive visit. Dr. Ruelas customarily spends between 45 – 75 minutes with each new patient, reviewing history, medication, symptoms and conducting a physical examination. The time is somewhat determined by the depth of complexity of each individual’s history and symptoms.

Follow-up Visit

If Dr. Ruelas determines that additional testing is needed, the additional cost will be discussed with you at the time of your visit. A follow up visit is typically 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation, when all lab results have been received.

Lab Results

Depending on the results of your labs, Dr. Ruelas will make a recommendation as to the frequency of any additional follow up visits as it pertains to your case; this may be monthly or semiannually depending on your treatment protocol.

Patient Care

Dr. Ruelas is extremely personable and walks closely with you through your care. He spends a great deal of time and energy with each patient and case as he works to uncover the root cause of presenting symptoms.

Please fill out the packets of paperwork below and have them ready for your appointment, along with any recent blood work or testing you have completed.

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