Vitamin C Promotes Mental Vitality in Young Adults

Vitamin C Promotes Mental Vitality in Young Adults

Vitamin C Promotes Mental Vitality in Young Adults 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

A study conducted in South Korea investigated the link between vitamin C with vitality and psychological functions in young adults.

Researchers found that the subjects who were given vitamin C supplements during the trial had an increase in work motivation and attention, performing better at cognitive tasks involving sustained concentration. Subjects with inadequate levels of vitamin C were correlated with a low level of mental vitality.

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“The current study found that vitamin C supplementation induces changes in various psychological measures that have not been reported yet. Most interestingly, the vita-min C group showed a large increase in work absorption, which suggests an increase in motivation for job activities, whereas little change was found in the placebo group. Furthermore, vitamin C supplementation enhanced attentional focus more than in the placebo group, which might have contributed to promoting feelings of being concentrated and engrossed in work. In addition, although we did not find a significant association between fatigue level and vitamin C status in the cross-sectional study, vitamin C supplementation has shown close to significant effect in decreasing fatigue. The fatigue-reducing effect of vitamin C has been reported in previous clinical trial. We also examined the effect of vitamin C supplementation on self-regulation resources; there was no treatment effect, although the vitamin C group showed a significant increase compared to the baseline measure.”


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