Spirituality Made Simple

Spirituality Made Simple

Spirituality Made Simple 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

These are very complicated, illogical, and oppressing times. We can feel isolated, overwhelmed and our resources financially, socially, and emotionally may have been compromised. Studies have shown a marked increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety since the beginning of COVID-19.

We need to recognize that these times are extremely difficult for many and sometimes solutions coming from a deep sense of pain of the mind can be debilitating. Sometimes there are solutions, but for many the closing in or limiting of options result in a growing sense of hopelessness.

It is with a deep empathic resonance that I appreciate this position of pain. Perhaps for many it is a long arduous painful walk that leads, or has led to a traumatic step away from the pain. For some that may be even a final step, maybe self-inflicted harm or even death.

For a few, it is becoming the final breakdown of the mind, the challenging move away from what we believe was and no longer is, to the seeking of a place of mental and emotional relief. For others, it is a physical or social limitation, a bind to a resistant life that will not change into a place of relief. Where we seek something away from an ongoing burden, an injury that relentlessly reaggravates repeatedly, and once again, offers little relief from the pain we seek to be free of.

We in the western world have categorized the “body, mind and spirit” as separate entities… what a balancing act this is for all of us. Some of us remain dwelling in our body, for others it is the anguish within the mind, while some try to resolve their conflictual relationship with the spiritual life. For the body, we end up with physical healers, physicians, or health care practitioners; and for the mind a similar parallel, visiting mental health practitioners, getting advice, counsel, therapy and at times nutrients and medications. For spiritual dilemmas we may turn to or away from our religious leader, perhaps seeking a higher power to resolve our mental or physical anguish, or we remain in some state of unresolved existence that nothing can help…not even the spiritual life.

Spirituality Made Simple

“Keep [love] simple, take it in but do not hold onto it, there lies the power of its healing; in giving it away we connect, we resolve our logic, we begin to let go, to obtain a new life…we transform our pain.”

However, our brain continues to search for a remedy. For some, no remedy will come soon enough. But for those still seeking, it is like Einstein stated, “everything is energy”…whether it is a physical form, a mental cognitive structure, or a religious practice. The one healing energy that appears transcends all forms is love, a very powerful positive energy. By positive, I do not mean to imply “feel good” or “upbeat.” I mean a lightness, a harmony, an expanding form of energy that connects and transforms, that can inoculate the negative form, the pain and the detachment.

This can be complicated. As we discussed before there are many definitions of this word love. For now, let us keep it simple:

  1. Love is a necessary energy for life itself
  2. It is freely received to be given
  3. It can and should only be given
  4. It is unconditional (which means no expectations)
  5. The healing comes in giving it away and wanting nothing in return

So, love is spiritual and has no material or physical form, no measurable aspects and therefore is beyond logic and thought. However we can receive it (for many this is coming to us from a higher power) like oxygen, but we are not to use it for ourselves because its power is present in giving it away…therein lies the difference. Like oxygen, there is no value unless we breathe it and release it…there is no value in holding onto it.

Keep it simple, take it in but do not hold onto it, there lies the power of its healing; in giving it away we connect, we resolve our logic, we begin to let go, to obtain a new life…we transform our pain. Not from thought but through energy.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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