Silence 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

There are many times in our life, due to tangible or intangible circumstances that we find ourselves needing rest, needing permission to let go, to put down our heaviness, even just for a moment. For this I offer a prayer I have found useful to reflect on.

Silence is…
Silence vibrating is creation
Silence flowing is love
Silence shared is friendship
Silence seen is infinity
Silence heard is adorable
Silence expressed is beauty
Silence maintained is strength
Silence omitted is suffering
Silence allowed is rest
Silence recorded is scripture
Silence preserved is tradition
Silence given is initiating
Silence received is joy
Silence perceived is knowledge
Silence alone is

During each day and during challenging times, for even just a moment… be still and let go. Put the heaviness down, and BE.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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