Diagnostic Evaluation of Addiction: Getting It Right

Alcohol and substance abuse affects individual’s in varying and different ways, causing damage not only to their body but also to their relationships. It often takes time to realize how much of a hold an addiction has on their life, often spiraling to a dangerous point. Therefore, it is important to seek out treatment before a person completely endangers themselves, their health, or causes severe harm to others. The first step is understanding what the best course of treatment would be is an Diagnostic Addiction Evaluation.

At IMI Addiction Medicine (IMI-AM), we specialize in providing a comprehensive diagnostic addiction evaluation. From a clinical evaluation to a comprehensive evaluation.

We are sensitive to and appreciate that this is a difficult time, not only for the one undergoing evaluation and counseling but also for those close to them. That is why our model is carefully planned and individualized to assess and tailor our program to best fit the need of our patients and family. Our model is to obtain the best plan for you and your family.

How a Diagnostic Evaluation Can Help

When one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it is a frightening and painful experience. This is often complicated and burdensome, especially when one does not have a full understanding of what a loved one is going through. We complete our diagnostic evaluation to gain a better understanding of that person’s substance use and how it is affecting them in multidimensional aspects of their life. One may be concerned about the effect it is having on family, friends, medically, financially, and or mentally. With a complete diagnostic evaluation, one can better understand the situation and find the right treatment solution. We are experts in our ability to offer a comprehensive evaluation. We test with high levels of validity and reliability, so we can ensure that the patient can receive the care he or she deserves.

We Tailor Our Program To The Individual Needs Of Each Patient

At IMI-AM, we always put our patients first, it’s important that we get to know our patients as people, and gain a thorough understanding of them, their family and loved ones. Receiving treatment for addiction is not easy, and the most efficient way to do so is to tailor the plan to the individual. A drug addiction program evaluation can mean the difference between successfully completing treatment and failing to improve as necessary.

Types of Addiction Evaluations We Offer

Level 1: Clinical Evaluation

Level 1 provides patients with one-on-one in-depth session(s) with our highly specialized addiction team including our physician/clinical psychologist. Following the meeting, our facility’s team puts together a preliminary plan that features a brief addictionology evaluation with toxicology, along with a complete addiction mental health evaluation.

Level 2: Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

Level 2 provides those suffering from addiction with a full evaluation including a full addiction and mental health and addiction evaluation. One of our center’s addiction recovery coaches will also gather the therapeutic addiction and recovery history to include in the evaluation. Our Level 2 evaluation process is multi-faceted/multi-modal model and includes suggested treatment plan carefully individualized to each patient. During this time we are evaluating and determining what if any further in-depth testing might be warranted to better understand the foundation problems of each patient. This plan is put together by experts in the field and considers the biological and psychological as well as social needs of the individual.

Level 3: Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment Program (M-CAP)

Level 3 is a multi-day evaluation process that has been specifically designed to suit legal and professional licensure matters. The multidisciplinary addiction evaluation lasts for three days and includes the following:

  • Data Collection from Collateral Sources, Including Past Records
  • Mental Health Counseling Evaluation
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Full Lab Evaluation
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Toxicology
  • Addiction Biology

By taking the time to gather as much information as possible, we can deliver a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted, multi-modal report with a well thought out suggested treatment plan. At our Center, we offer several routes to recovery; it’s all about finding the right fit for our patient to get the best results.

Interested in an Addiction Evaluation?

Receiving treatment for addiction is not easy, and at IMI-AM we tailor the plan to the individual which means you’ll receive the highest level of care.