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We believe that Integrative or Natural Medicine is one of the most advanced forms of medicine available today for optimizing health and wellness. At IMI we view our treatment more than simply a list of treatments or therapies. IMI values all aspects of a person’s health – we value the mind, body, and spirit – and reaffirm the importance of an open relationship between the doctor and patient. Here is a glance at our services below:

New Patient? Not Sure Where to Start?

No worries! Let’s start with a health consultation to get a state of your current well-being. Start by setting up a general consultation

Functional Medicine Services | Integrative Medical Institute

Functional Medicine

Patient Centered Approach
Mindfulness Yoga Therapies | Integrative Medical Institute

Mindfulness Yoga Therapies

Integrative Mindfulness Yoga
Brain Mapping | Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County

Brain Mapping

Performance Through Neurofeedback
Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment | Integrative Medical Institute

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment

Keeping all your hormone levels right
Addiction medicine at Integrative Medical Institute

Addiction Medicine

Pain Remedies & Effective Management
Mental Health Services at Integrative Medical Institute

Mental Health

Overall Health & Well-Being
Women's Health | Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County

Women’s Health

Holistic Approach for Women
Integrative Men's Health Orange County

Men’s Health

Helping Men Reach Optimal Wellness
Children & Youth Health | Integrative Medical Institute

Children & Youth Health

Complete Range of Wellness Services
Intravenous Therapy Services | Integrative Medical Institute

IV Micronutrient Therapy

Intravenous Therapy
Mind Body Therapies | Integrative Medical Institute

Mind-Body Therapies

The Mind & Body are Essentially Inseparable


Comprehensive Systemic Approach
Psychotherapies | Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County


The Software of The Brain
Ericksonian Therapies Services | Integrative Medical Institute

Ericksonian Therapies

Focusing on the Whole Person
Ozone Therapy Services | Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County

Ozone Therapy

Bio-Oxidative Therapy
Biologically Active Oxidative Therapies | Integrative Medical Institute

Biologically Active Oxidative Therapies

Powering Up the Immune System
Addiction Evaluation at IMI

Addiction Evaluation

Diagnostic Addiction Evaluation
IMI Expert Addiction Mental Health Experts

Expert Addiction Mental Health Team

Addiction Medicine Specialist
Systematic Family Intervention at IMI-AS Featured

Systemic Family Intervention

Restore Healthy Emotional Bonds

Effective Medical Drug Detoxification

Outpatient or Inpatient Treatments
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Drug Addiction

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Drug Addiction

A Reliable and Effective Method

Drug Testing

Discreet and Randomized Tests