Restoring and Maintaining Our Immunity

Restoring and Maintaining Our Immunity

Restoring and Maintaining Our Immunity 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Part I

A friend of mine recently purchased a new all-electric vehicle. This car was not just an electric car, it was the top-of-the-line electric car. It had set the standard for what was to come, and it came with an array of comforts and amazing technology. My friend was so very pleased with the purchase, not only were they helping with the ozone problems globally, but they also gained access to the “diamond lane” on the freeway, easing through traffic while enjoying their comforts. You see, this was a near perfect place to be in life, everything was going seemingly well.

Then one day I received a call that my friend and his family were stuck. They had driven out some 30 miles away from home to enjoy the day out in the country. However, upon returning to the vehicle after a brief hike, the vehicle would not start. They had forgotten to check the charge before leaving and failed to charge it up the night before. Unable to find a local charging station, they had to have it towed back home. No problem, a lesson well learned in life, but humbling at best.

But you see, in their case, they had a gauge that would have told them the levels at which the car was functioning (assuming the gauge is working properly). But they thought “the car is great, runs itself, I’m good” …until.

Our mind, body, and soul work the same way. We can create false illusions until, “fill in the blank.”

For today, lets focus on the body: Cell biology basically tells us that our body’s cells require nutrients to function optimally. These nutrients, some of which the body can create and some of it must be derived from the foods we consume.

Here are some basic assumptions we commonly have:

  1. I eat well (today we say organic, as if that is the definitive stamp)
  2. The food I eat is well balanced
  3. The food I consume is absorbed equally and completely
  4. My gut is in prime condition to complete adequate absorption
  5. The problems I may be having are not related to my nutrient load

Overall, those assumptions are fair and generally adequate. However, imagine if we were to guesstimate our fuel levels in our automobile. We might be close, or not.

Let’s analyze the above assumptions

1. I eat good (today we interpret the “organic” label as being healthier)

This is likely not accurate overall. The busier we are, the more difficult it is to maintain this level of care and balance, so chances are most individuals are not getting the right balance of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals etc. our body needs daily.

2. The food I eat is well balanced

This is also a gross assumption. Studies have repeatedly shown that individuals eat the same kind of foods again and again. In other words, individuals are no longer eating a varied diet.

3. The food I consume is absorbed equally and completely

Question: how would you know? Well, perhaps if you’re feeling optimal in all areas of your life and it seems well balanced. However, many people who say they are feeling “great” are pushing themselves with excess amounts of powder formulas, energy drinks, alcohol etc. They are compensating for that “great” feeling.

4. My gut is in prime condition to complete adequate absorption

This is possible, but the number of individuals living with digestive challenges and irregular bowel movements are overwhelming. An array of symptoms such as feelings of fatigue, bloatedness, and acid reflux are only some of the issues many individuals raise.

Then there are symptoms that are overlooked, such as irregularity and inconsistencies in stool formation.

5. The problems I may be experiencing are not related to my nutrient load

Oftentimes, individuals want immediate solutions. We would rather go to the drug store seeking a random remedy. Or better yet, go to a doctor, get a diagnosis and obtain a prescription. No doubt there are great benefits to medication. They truly can help to reduce symptoms and even remedy a disease when warranted. But what if it’s a deficiency and not a disease or both. How would we know?

Back to that the automobile analogy. Check the gauge. In medicine, get your levels checked.

A plethora of scientific evidence support the notion that nutrient deficiencies can create physical symptoms such as sleep disturbance, breathing, energy levels, as well as mood and a sense of well-being which allow us to handle stress without feeling so overwhelmed.

So yes, eat well, exercise, rest, and get your nutrient levels checked. Then supplement as needed. Not just the recommended daily allowance (RDA levels), but a comprehensive regimen for optimal levels.

Check your nutrient levels.

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Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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