Preventing Aggravation of COVID-19 Pneumonia with Vitamin C

Preventing Aggravation of COVID-19 Pneumonia with Vitamin C

Preventing Aggravation of COVID-19 Pneumonia with Vitamin C 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

A retrospective clinical study investigated the potential benefits of high-dose intravenous vitamin C (HDIVC) in preventing the progression of moderate COVID-19 to severe stages.

In the study, researchers compared the outcomes of 55 patients treated with HDVIC against another control group of 55 without HDVIC. Results indicated that HDIVC reduced the risk of disease aggravation, shortened the duration of systemic inflammatory response syndrome, and improved immune function and coagulation indicators.

Read the study below:

“According to the recent report (Chiscano-Camón et al., 2020), the level of vitamin C is almost undetectable in the COVID-19 patients with severe or critical condition. Another recent study also reported low vitamin C plasma levels in COVID-19 patients, and non-survivors had half the plasma level of survivors (Arvinte et al., 2020). Therefore, early application of HIDVC may assist the quick recovery of its level and gain the benefits as we observed. We found obvious differences in the primary outcome, the disease aggravation, between the two groups. This finding implies the effect of HDIVC in the prevention of disease aggravation. This was partially consistent with the mortality reducing effect of HDIVC on sepsis with acute respiratory distress syndrome reported by Folwer (CITRIS-ALI study) (Fowler et al., 2019) and Hemilä, et al. (reanalysis of CITRIS-ALI study) (Hemilä and Chalker, 2020).

. . . In this retrospective before-after study, we found that fewer COVID-19 pneumonia patients suffered disease aggravation after HDIVC application. Significant differences in the duration of SIRS, CRP level, CD4+ T cell recovery, and coagulation function indicators were found between the HDIVC and control groups. These results imply that HDIVC may have a role in prevention of the disease aggravation, possibly due to its improvement of the inflammatory response, immune function and coagulation function.”


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