Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Many have heard the term enlightenment, or to enlighten or becoming enlightened. All these terms are better understood as a process, a verb, an experience not a place or point achieved or where one arrives. To experience what many have known as enlightenment is to experience a lighter side of life. To let go of what was and move into a place of well-being, with less darkness, burden, less emotional heaviness such as guilt, shame depression, anxiety. An opening to another perspective, a different view.

It is the moment, when we come to an awareness to change from what was to what is, preparing for what can be. This can happen at many levels, lets discuss three for now: the physical, the mind and the spiritual domains. There are many levels and processes to utilize, for now we will introduce one basic concept, “letting go.”

The body, moving towards a physical well-being, our health. One of the most challenging aspects of physical health are the habits we are attached to habits of inactivity, to certain muscle group. Yes, we can walk, however are we stretching out our back, spine, arms, and neck? Are we letting go of unhealthy foods and consuming more healthy foods? While we discuss the tangible aspects of our life like food and body, we can use our mind to change the physical. We do this first by becoming of aware of a desire to change, then we reach that point in time where we are aware of that point in time to change. We are aware of the dichotomy, do we remain the same or do we transition and or transform into a new behavior, do we let go? That moment of awareness is the beginning, a moment of letting go, a moment where an act of change brings forward an experience of enlightenment, a point of transition.

The mind or our mental habits, are emotional patterns whatever they may be. At the point that we begin to realize that we are falling into our old patterns of doubt, insecurity, hurt, anger etc. etc. and realize how we have often externalized the responsibility to others through blame or judgment or creating a container we have passively accepted as fact, when we realize that we can do this differently the process towards enlightenment begins. It is that space between the past and moving into something different that is a point of awareness, a light of energy, perhaps that space allows us to let go and let be, to sidestep that attachment to an old habit of engagement. The point in time where we let go of the attached behavior is the experience of enlightenment, it is only a point in time.

The non-tangible, the spiritual path. What is this path there, perhaps are stages of understanding, much of which cannot be explained here or perhaps anywhere, it in itself is the explanation. But in general, and basically speaking it starts with the NOW, the letting go of thoughts, behaviors, emotions which are usually memory of data of some sort or another. And letting go does not mean erasing or blanking out, it just means an awareness of what thought is. A stepping back from that perception, recognizing it is a perception and not a truth. As we enter once again into that space that allows us to step back as we experience that disentanglement that point in time between what was and what is. This allows us to accept, and to be with what is. This is part of the experience where we accept, and in acceptance experience a connection to what is without distinction or judgment that would separate us, no evaluating, no right or wrong, no good or bad as we move into that place of being one with this is also a stage of transformation or an experience of enlightenment.

So here we have introduced a concept of a pause of a breath within a breath and in that space, we find a light of change and transformation… the enlightened space. SLOW DOWN, PAUSE, BREATHE.

May PEACE and HARMONEY be a part of your realizations.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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