How PK Protocol Can Help You

How PK Protocol Can Help You

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Integrating the PK Protocol Therapy for Chronic Lyme Disease Management

The journey of Gabriella Schneider, a tenacious teen chronicling her battle against Chronic Lyme Disease through her blog, Beyond the Bite, offers invaluable insights into managing this debilitating condition. Gabriella, not only a warrior in her fight but an accomplished cook, leverages a Paleo-ketogenic diet to combat her symptoms. In this comprehensive exploration, Gabriella shares her experience with a critical component of her treatment – the PK Protocol. This article, originally penned by Julie Kelly, delves into the multifaceted approach Gabriella employs to navigate the challenges of Chronic Lyme Disease.

The Essence of the PK Protocol

Brought to the United States by Dr. Patricia Kane, the PK Protocol serves as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with neurological illnesses, including, but not limited to, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Chronic Lyme Disease. This protocol is a triad of treatments encompassing IV infusions, a strict organic-based Paleo/ketogenic diet, and a comprehensive oral supplementation regimen.

The Three-Step Approach

Initial Assessment: The journey begins with a detailed blood panel analysis, allowing for a customized treatment plan based on the unique needs of the patient.

IV Infusions: The backbone of this protocol is an intravenous injection in a slow push manner composed of phosphatidylcholine, supplemented with leucovorin, glutathione, and vitamin B12 injections, forms the core of the treatment, administered as per the individual’s capacity.

Nutritional and Supplement Plan serves as additional support as follows: Post blood analysis, a detailed report guides the oral supplements and diet adjustments necessary to address the identified deficiencies, aiming to restore cellular balance and function.

Scientific Underpinnings and the Role of Phosphatidylcholine

At the cellular level, the body comprises lipids essential for maintaining cell membrane health and longevity. The PK Protocol, through its administration of oral and IV lipids, seeks to detoxify cell membranes, thus restoring their functional integrity. Phosphatidylcholine, a critical component of this treatment, plays a pivotal role in the cellular structure, influencing the overall membrane function and, by extension, the health of the individual.

Beyond the Protocol: A Personal Journey

Gabriella Schneider’s personal narrative underscores the transformative potential of the PK Protocol. Despite the initial discomfort associated with the infusions, the gradual detoxification process marked a significant improvement in her condition, affirming her belief in the protocol’s efficacy. Gabriella emphasizes the tailored nature of the treatment, which aligns with the individual’s specific health needs, advocating for a patient-centered approach to medical care.

For a direct insight into Gabriella’s experience and further information on the PK Protocol, visit her blog, Beyond the Bite. Her story is not just one of personal triumph but a testament to the potential of integrative approaches in managing chronic illnesses.

Credit to Julie Kelly for her comprehensive article that sheds light on this innovative treatment method. Gabriella’s journey and the PK Protocol offer hope and a path forward for those navigating the complexities of Chronic Lyme Disease and other neurological conditions.

For a full account of Gabriella Schneider’s experience with the PK Protocol, including her personal insights and recommendations, click here.

Integrative Medical Institute’s Commitment to Your Health

At the Integrative Medical Institute, we understand the importance of cellular health and the detrimental effects of accumulated toxins on the body’s function. This understanding underpins our dedication to offering the PK Protocol, also known as I.V. Phospholipid Therapy, as part of our IV Micronutrient Therapies. Our expertly crafted service is designed to eliminate the fatty lipids and oils that hinder your body’s optimal performance, ensuring your cells function efficiently.

Interested in a PK Protocol treatment? Book an appointment at IMI and start your healthy journey today.


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