Finding Our Way Out of Darkness

Finding Our Way Out of Darkness

Finding Our Way Out of Darkness 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Darkness: the place of diminished light, the perception of no light.

Light: allows us to perceive, it illuminates, scientifically it is a form of radiation (“radiate”).

Light is best in darkness, no need to have light in a well-lit area.

Darkness, the sense of not being able to see.

Emotionally or mentally the term “darkness” has been used to describe a point of limited movement, which could lead to a sense of immobility or even feeling anxious, desperate, abandoned overwhelmed or stuck.

Our mind, which is a narrator of experience, draws from history to write narratives of the present. Sometimes the narratives are drawn from our past pains, disappointments, hurts, betrayals, misunderstandings etc. etc. Perhaps the narratives which are drawn from other times of darkness offer the lens to the mind and to our “inner self” a darkened perspective. Often, we cannot tell the differences between our inner self and the lens we are looking out through, as we often reside in the narratives of our minds. Learning to recognize these narratives is a huge step. To be able to sense a narrative from a sensory experience itself is a profound shift. However, this is not easy and often very temporary thus it calls for repeated struggling practice.

Awareness Exercise

This awareness of differences can only be cultivated incrementally. Moving out of mental darkness has a first step that is an intention to do so. The second step is to experience sensory awareness itself. Functionally, and the most immediate method for this, is by breathing. Initially, just to be aware of breathing itself. THIS is HUGE. In and out, in and out. NOTHING MORE, for this is life itself at its most basic level. Just be there if only for a second. If you can be there longer and longer, remaining aware of breath itself.

Now a different narrative if you must, could be that narrative of awareness, that each breath you take in, brings into your body oxygen to replenish your blood and other cells and each exhalation helps clear out forms of physical darkness by elimination of waste products no longer needed by the body at that time.

In this brief sequence of exercise, we have noted a few things 1) we have a narrative (thoughts strung together) 2) that the narrative is not the same as myself 3) that there is another core part of me, the inner self that remains aware without a narrative.

The Inner Self

This “inner self” has no narrative, it remains clear and open and itself can illuminate a path through what we perceive as darkness as it holds no barriers or structure that limit its experience.

That practice of opening up to our inner self is powerful, deep, difficult and rewarding all at the same time.

For the sake of our understanding, we come into this world as a new energy, a light, with clarity, innocence, and purity. Our containers that we live in are acquired as are our narratives.

All narratives are not dark, they are just narratives. However, narratives that create fear, loneliness, depression, leads to isolation, insecurity, inferiority and can be described as darkness. Too much, and it darkens our pure inner light.

What we are attempting to embark on is clearing or releasing these narratives and therefore the clearing of our perceived darkness, so our core being, our core light illuminates our path. As you find yourself again, your true inner self, there is a renewal, a type of awakening to your true self. Fear and concerns still remain there, however, now we can begin to push them aside, clip away at entanglements as the light pierces the dark clouds so does our inner being do so to the darkness of impermanence.

The more we are aware, the more we practice, the greater our inner self becomes, and we FIND OURSELVES, A WAY OUT OF THE DARKNESS.

On a leaving note: the opening to the true inner self, to your inner core beauty and light is just that an opening. It has the ability to expand into universes untouched, to levels of awareness and sensitives to wisdom not yet explored. The adventure can be AWE capturing and invigorating. This discussion though is for another time… today IS THE BEGINNING.



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