Energy and Life

Energy and Life

Energy and Life 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Yes, we all need it, we all talk about it, at times we have all reported feeling depleted, fatigued, drained as if we were some type of battery: What is it? Energy.

Energy, a term which implies a boost, a charge. A form of substance that increases our metabolism, makes us feel stronger, gives us stamina, awakens us. Energy helps our body work better. Energy helps our brain to create neurotransmitters, helps our synapses to fire up, awakens our mind, helps to illuminate our path. Energy plays a role in the intangible; some call it a spiritual life, so yes energy plays a foundational role in body – mind – spirit. It awakens us. We know it, we talk about it, but how do we generate more?

How the body uses energy.

The body is a dynamic electrical chemical organism that generates energy internally. Yet some of the body mechanisms require external vital nutrient to create the energy molecules known as Adenine Triphosphatases (ATP). This well-known and documented pathway uses essential vitamins, mineral and H2O to produce this essential molecule millions of times a second within each cell. The body thrives on extracting the nutrient from food and knows how to process and send it to the organelles that need it to produce this essential product.

All we need to do is consume the food that carries the essential nutrients, the body does the rest. What are the foods? Nothing exotic: just an array of vegetables, plants and or animal proteins and fruits. A balanced array of colors.

How else does the body play a role in the generation of energy… The body can enhance and or decrease energy production. How? It self regulates to our baseline needs. Activity increases energy and inactivity slows it down. Movement helps stimulate the body energy production, so take that walk! Take the stairs, park the car far away, little steps lead to longer walks.

How the mind uses energy.

Can the mind play a role in energy production? Yes, and the mind is more creative, more fluid, and more dynamic when so. It is also more prone to produce energy.

Peace of mind, balanced mind, and mind in harmony produces more energy than a suppressed or depressed mind. A sense of wellbeing, hopefulness, experiencing optimism and awe in life is associated with greater energy. Practices such as meditation, contemplation, gratitude, and prayer have all been shown to be associated with greater energy and longevity. Resonance energy in our relationship, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, and love as an energy of pure acceptance in our lives is also associated with increase longevity and energy. Love more, live more.

At this point it’s also about quality versus quantity, for what good is it for a person to live a long life with poor quality. So, we seek nourishment for our lives in the form of substance and love.

How the spirit uses energy.

This language can be tricky as many individual responses to the concept of “spiritual” as a form of religion. One can embrace a religious practice as well, and a religious practice may enhance one’s spiritual experience; however, it is not the same. Religion can be viewed as a form of practice to complement, lead into, or enhance one’s spiritual life. A spiritual life is a life that extends beyond the SELF, a greater arena or collective consciousness and sense of oneness of being with one as all. This experience is often found in loving moments when we experience the release of a sense of self to something more than ourselves. It might be gazing at a sunset, stars, or an infant, might be in the mountains, desert or in the arms of a loved one. This experience is a true sense of wholeness, a sense of being complete for that memorable moment.

We can take each one of these practices and do them a little, and a little can be a lot. If we can be mindful of our foods, mindful of our grace, letting go of our frustrations, and practice oneness within our lives, we will truly benefit from this energy as will all those around us.

FIRST STEP: Just be aware, then the road begins to open up to you, and then remain open for you to follow.

Love always.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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