Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

So many forms of care, so many levels, so many complications from being human. There is our physical body and all the complexity that we focus on, our health, our heart, the various organ system. Are we well, are we in shape, or are we eating the right foods, doing the right exercise? Is our pulse rate and blood pressure where it should be? Do we have the stamina we “should have?” What about our emotional and relationship health? Are we thriving or existing? Are we connected or just self-absorbed? Are we feeding ourselves or others? What brings us fulfillment? Is our life, self and ego based, what do we gain by being of service to others? What about that intangible space, that space of grace, love, and ultimate connection? Do we even believe in that stuff and if so, how do we honor and practice that?

So, when we use the word healing… healing of what and into where? Healing may imply to restore, or mend and or realign. Perhaps the process of healing is one of connection, of union. If we have a cut to our skin/body, healing then means a tangible reconnection to the part that was torn apart. It is a visible wound, and the healing is a tangible realization of reestablishing the connection. The wound closes over and then the skin rebuilds the cellular bridges to restore what was torn apart.

What about emotionally healing? Overall, the concept is the same, we want to be connected, first overall internally. So, we start with internal healing, the healing of the self. The wounds we carry, from the past or present we experience as pain, like a cut, a separation from ourselves and therefore others. We find our potential for peace, harmony, and love are compromised by the wounds which are forms of separation. Healing then means internal reconnection. How? Through a practice of self-compassion, through grace and forgiveness, which is the letting go of negativity that is carried through anger, resentment, bitterness, and loathing; whether the emotions are projected outwardly or internally they separate and therefore hurt. What does that mean to forgive, to have grace? It truly is a complete exhale and release of toxins from our body so that we have the space and capacity to bring in oxygen and become more vital. Forgiveness is letting go of resentment, pain, blame, shame, or guilt. Yes, we may experience it, however, the PRACTICE of releasing it and now bringing it into yourself is just that, a practice.

The depth of unity emerges from our core true self to the natural true experience of life itself. It does not involve language, judgment, or a narrative, it just is, and a moment of it, itself can be very healing. The quantum we experience from quality can never be matched by the value of any quantity of time. Being still is a virtue, it is the state of realization of awareness before the description, it lights before we describe light, its warmth before we label warmth, it loves before we are transformed by love. It just IS. As we fall into the core presence of oneness.

So, how to heal is to let be, to let go, to release all and let our primary awareness experience the fullness of unity.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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