Coronavirus Phase 2-3 and Civil Unrest

Coronavirus Phase 2-3 and Civil Unrest

Coronavirus Phase 2-3 and Civil Unrest 1920 1280 Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

What tremendous times we are undergoing as individuals and as a culture. The transformation of everyday life of COVID-19 has upended all previously known norms globally, creating a deep respect for our health as well as a striking awareness of the vulnerability and fragility of life itself. More recently, we have been made conscious of the sweeping winds of violence that have emerged from our past as evidenced by the present. When we become aware of the magnitude of injury when such violence occurs, we must remember to remain present with the vulnerability of our connections to each other while also recognizing how the fragile nature of attachment awakens those deep seated fears within us which have a tendency to swell into aggression, violence, prejudice, and judgement.

However, these are the crucial times in which transformation is fostered. We must understand that in the face of violence LOVE is the only quelling force that can manage chaos. We must hold on to the belief that love is more powerful than hate, and that the very herd immunity that protects us from a pathogen, is also present in an atmosphere of herd love. We humans have a resonance deep inside our genetic core that survival is only achieved collectively, and that death is always in isolation. When a system is bound together in love and intimacy, that is when immunity and survival is most powerful.

Viruses cannot be disregarded, and we must attend to our immune system to strengthen our ability to fend off and inoculate against such organisms. The same is true for violence. We cannot tolerate violence of any type, no matter how minor or major it may be. The most profound response in the darkest of times is to follow the light of love. To respond to our most aggressive feelings with love is to douse the flames of fear, because it is in the power of restraint in which love shines the greatest. We must indeed love our enemies and our neighbor as ourselves, for our enemies and neighbors are ourselves.

Some may interpret this message for love as a weakness, and not truly understand the power of positive energy. Energy that can transform, tear down walls of isolation, hate, and anger; energy that can melt away fear. Love is a power so great not many can stay with it, as it takes work, discipline, and support. Negative energy such as violence, hate, or anger is outmatched by healing and restorative presence of love. Love is a power to open ourselves up to; to receive and give, it is non-conditional, free from attachment or obligation, love heals and restores. LOVE IS.


Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. Ruelas holds doctoral degrees and is licensed to practice in both medicine and psychology. He approaches his patients by gathering and analyzing data differently from other physician’s moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model. Read Bio

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