Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County

We recognize that individuals are becoming more familiar with terms such as alternative and complementary medicine, which they apply to healing methods such as massage, acupuncture, and nutrition therapy. However, there remains misinformation or misinterpretation regarding the growing evidence showing the safety and efficacy of such treatments and the understanding of the term: integrative medicine, or IM. Due to the growing interest and scientific knowledge supporting this form of medicine, the Integrative Medical Institute (IMI) of Orange County was formed in 2007, to further advance the study, practice and education of Integrative Medicine.

IMI Philosophy

At IMI we view our treatment as more than simply a list of treatments or therapies. IMI combines mainstream medical therapies with non-conventional complementary therapies which have shown evidence of safety and effectiveness. In short, IMI utilizes all appropriate, evidence-based therapies to achieve both physical and mental well being.

Wellness in Mind, Body & Spirit

IMI values all aspects of a person’s health – we value the mind, body, and spirit – and reaffirm the importance of an open relationship between the doctor and patient.

Positive Effects on Health

We practice IM and consider a patient’s overall satisfaction with life, and we believe and practice that stress management and good mental hygiene positively affect healing and health.

Prevention & Quality of LIfe

Instead of focusing solely on curing disease and illness, IMI also emphasizes preventing disease and/or living well with chronic disease.

IMI Leads the Way in Integrative Medicine

The scientifically rooted concept of Integrative Medicine is now taking wide form. With more and more institutions teaching the practice, Integrative Medicine has become so credible that the American Hospital Association survey shows that more than 42% of responding hospitals, including Harvard, Mayo, Duke, Arizona and Irvine, indicated they offer one or more components of integrative medicine.


of Medical Institutions Now Feature IM Services

Here at IMI we not only continue to study, learn and research what biologically active treatment we can provide, we study their efficacy and conduct our own research before offering those services to our patients. We remain at the forefront of Integrative Medicine and pride ourselves in being on the forefront of change in the medical community.


We treat the mind and body together to assist patients in achieving optimal levels of health and wellness.