The Holistic Approach to Womens Health.

Women’s Health

Traditional medical approaches to women’s health often leave much to be desired. The Integrative Medical Institute approach takes a look at the whole woman to develop a master plan of safe, effective, natural treatments for a variety of physical, gynecological and hormonal imbalances. Our patients love our practical, results-oriented philosophy. We know you will too.

The list of common complaints due to hormonal imbalance in women is long.

Do you recognize any of the following?

  • Mood swings, anxiety, irritability or depression
  • Irregular periods, hot flashes or night sweats
  • Fatigue or energy fluctuations
  • Weight gain
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Joint pain

Hormone Balancing Information Sheet

If so, you may benefit greatly from the Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County’s comprehensive testing procedures. We provide testing for:

  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Adrenal Fatigue symptoms
  • Thyroid Distress Syndrome
  • Insulin Resistance symptoms
  • Nutrient Cellular Load
  • Intestinal Integrity

The Integrative Medical Institute carefully assesses each patient’s overall health and current needs in determining the best individual anti-aging program. We work closely with you and your healthcare providers to determine potential conflicts with your present medical care.

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