The Integrative Medical Institute works to help men achieve their optimal level of health and wellness.

Men’s Health

To help men reach their optimal health and wellness we assess hormone, dietary, nutritional and chemical imbalances, which may be causing a variety of symptoms within the body. We believe many issues can by relieved by uncovering and treating the root cause.

Men undergo several changes throughout their lives and issues such as obesity, prostate problems, andropause, infertility, erectile dysfunction and basic hormonal imbalances. Dr. Ruelas works to find the root causes of these changes and correct them with a personalized treatment plan which may include, a custom vitamin/supplement plan, BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy), and/or nutritional/dietary consultations. Dr. Ruelas integrates the practices of both conventional and alternative medicine and creates an effective synergy between the two, which has proven highly effective for many of our patients.

Many men tend to postpone medical visits since conventional methods tend to offer quick, rushed appointment times resulting in little impact on the patient’s general health. Recognizing this, men tend to wait until they have a serious medical issue to schedule a visit with their conventional doctor. Many patients are relieved to meet with Dr. Ruelas as he works to help prevent issues from arising instead of merely treating the illness or problem after the fact. Our patients appreciate Dr. Ruelas’ comprehensive visits, treatment options, and emphasis on personalized healthcare.

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