We believe that Integrative or Natural Medicine is one of the most advanced forms of medicine available today for optimizing health and wellness.

Integrative Medical Institute
  • Addiction Medicine

    Our emphasis moves beyond basic detoxification of addictive substances towards achieving optimal health and quality of life substance free.

  • Mind Body Therapies

    Mind-body therapies use the body to affect the mind, such as yoga, progressive relaxation, meditations mindfulness and hypnosis.

  • Ericksonian Therapies

    Ericksonian therapies help restore balance focusing on the whole person in all aspects; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & relational.

  • Psychotherapies

    Psychotherapy is the MIND component of the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm that we subscribe to, it addresses the software of the brain.

  • Hormone Treatment

    Hormones are the chemical messengers that travel through our blood stream, and flip the switches that govern growth and development.

  • Mental Health

    Our integrative approach to mental health begins with thorough testing and evaluation followed by addressing the biochemical imbalances.

  • Functional Medicine

    At IMI we incorporate the ideals of functional medicine as we work to find the underlying cause of our patients’ symptoms, issues and concerns.

  • Women’s Health

    A look at the whole woman to develop a plan of safe, effective, natural treatments for a variety of imbalances.

  • Men’s Health

    Helping men reach optimal wellness as we assess hormone, dietary, nutritional & chemical imbalances, which cause a variety of symptoms.

  • Children & Youth Health

    Complete range of services for children & youth to offer fresh insight on the issues surrounding developmental challenges.

  • Intravenous Therapy

    (IV) micronutrient therapy is a safe method to avoid nutrient deficiencies brought on by absorption problems  associated with aging and illness.

  • Brain Mapping

    Complete biological test for enhanced brain function and are able to help retrain the brain for optimal peak performance through Neurofeedback.

  • Mindfulness Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is training the conscious mind for a state of balanced insight to promote a union between the body and mind.