Our approach to mental health and wellness incorporates both preventive and nutritional approaches with particular attention to biochemical imbalances.

Integrative Medical Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more common frequently asked questions are given below. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about our services or how we can help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Please submit your un-answered question by clicking here

What is Hormonal Balancing?

For Women:

Throughout her life, a woman’s hormones control many aspects of her physical and psychological well-being. Hormone balance is critical for optimal health and function. Hormonal balancing may involve mechanisms that affect basic metabolic process as well as the reproductive system.

For Men:

Many of the same hormonal issues affect both men and women. Andropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women, can adversely affect weight, energy levels, sleep, hair health, mood and sexual function, among other things. The Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County offers expert consultation and treatment for our patients who might be experiencing some of these symptoms.

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What is involved in a Blood Serum test?

A simple blood test is a good way to assess your risk factors for thyroid function, insulin levels prostate and ovarian health, vitality and hormone levels. A small amount of blood is taken in a relatively painless fashion to administer the test.

What is involved in a Saliva test?

Saliva testing measures diurnal adrenal function, hormone levels in both men and women and risk factors for bone loss and other conditions. A small amount of saliva gathered in the convenience of your home makes this one of the easiest and unobjectionable ways to obtain a great deal of information about a variety of health and wellness indicators.

What is Ericksonian Philosophy?

Integrative Medical Institute follows the tenets of Milton H. Erickson (1901-1980), an influential therapist who strongly believed in the benefits of taking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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What is the Holistic Medicine approach

Holistic medicine is a philosophy and approach to medical care that views both physical and mental health as being closely interconnected. Once relegated to alternative practice, holistic medicine is finding ever-increasing acceptance in mainstream medical approaches to healthcare.

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Can you help me with a medical aesthetics problem?

Yes we can. Our sister institute, the Chapman Integrated Medical Center offers a variety of services in the area of medical aesthetics. Please contact us for help with your questions. We are happy to offer you up to date, unbiased information about the state of your health.