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How Psychotherapy is Changing the Practice of Medicine

published 1/27/2010 | Volume 30 No. 1 During the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference this last December, I was brought back to those days when I attended Dr. Erickson’s seminars. Erickson was breaking through ceilings and shattering molds that had been thought to have been cast in cement. Erickson had total [...]

Back to the Future

Milton Erickson, MDstarted a revolution early in his career, emphasizing the strength of the unconscious, and potentiating each patient’s own innate ability to overcome what may have seemed like insurmountable obstacles. His wisdom set the pace for what we now appreciate as integrative medicine. His insight preceded the development and [...]

Why Balancing Your Hormones Can Help You Feel Better

Hormonal balancing improves just about every aspect of your life. You can experience: more energy, less stress/anxiety, elevated mood, sharper mind, and a deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep every night. Hormonal balancing means feeling better and living longer. What is hormonal balancing? If you ask your doctor, they may tell you [...]